We have programs for Ages 3 and up!


Family Friendly Atmosphere


Kids and adults alike love training in our family friendly atmosphere, where everyone is challenged and encouraged to learn at their own pace. Our team of Nationally Certified Instructors are here to make sure that every student has the very best training experience possible.


Martial Arts programs teach children of all ages the valuable life lessons of respect, self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to safely defend themselves when needed. The life skills and attributes create an enduring, impactful “Personal Victory” in Martial Arts for kids. The life skills taught by our professional instructors are instrumental in shaping confident, capable, and successful people in today’s society. Interaction with the community, starting at an early age, can be an enriching and pivotal experience for any person.


In our Martial Arts for Adults classes, students learn real life practical applications as well as a system to help them manage the stress that comes along with life’s daily challenges. The classes are designed to be more than just kicking and punching at TKD USA. Our Adult Martial Arts classes give grown students the ability to gain self confidence and improve their physical and mental capacities

How will Our Programs benefit you?

More than you might think.

Martial Arts helps establish a Strong Foundation for the future.

Youth Benefits

Youth Programs offer many advantages for kids



Our students learn to show attention and respect to themselves and others.



The foundation of martial arts is the focus of self-discipline incorporated into a students training.



With confidence comes enhanced self-esteem. We utilize a series of multiple goals that boost self-esteem levels.

Adult Benefits

Adult Programs offer many advantages as well



The stress of everyday life wears on everyone. Relieving stress  can help sharpen your mind



It's not just being lighter on your feet - it's cutting down both mental and physical reaction time.



Whether you're already fit or need to get started, our program is sure to challenge you.

You never hear anyone say "I wish I would have waited just a little longer to start improving my life."

What you will hear are people regretting not taking advantage of an opportunity when they had the chance. People regretting not taking better care of themselves before it got too late. People who regret not trying something new because they lacked the confidence. Don't let people hear these things from you. Take the first step, call us today.

Providing the highest quality of  Martial Arts training in the Prattville and Millbrook area for over 25 years.

Come in and experience the ATA Taekwondo Difference.

Changing the World

One Black Belt at a Time


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